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In this blog, to those who want buy a cosplay costume, I'm also planning services we buy costumes instead of everybody.

It isn't known in foreign countries, in the cosplay costume, there are those made officially recognized.
Official cosplay is the official costume made ​​with permission from the original animation, comics and light novel, etc.
In addition to the official costume, there are also high-quality costume cosplayers have created original fan for their honor and soul.
When you participate in events and parties, cheap cosplay and low-quality cosplay costume is ridiculed from the surroundings. And cheap cosplay is bad photogenic, not to celebrate.
This story should be able to understand if you have experienced cosplayers participated in events and parties if even once.

There are many cheap cosplay shop already.
In this blog, we will introduce the official costume or high-quality, good-looking, photogenic best cosplay costumes.

Please look forward to.
OTOKONOKO FARM is the paradise of japanese boys to do crossdressing and costume play.
If you love seeing cute japanese crossdresser's boys in xxx action then I will promise to offer their fantastic charm.

Literal translation of OTOKONOKO(Otoko-no-Ko) is the daughter of male(boy).

*Otokonoko(男の娘): (娘(=ko) for "girl" but using the kanji for daughter) of オトコ, also おとこ or 男, pronounced otoko ("boy") is a Japanese word which translates to "crossdresser sissy boy".

Vocabulary to say OTOKONOKO is a special nickname given to only Japanese boys in all crossdressers.
Unlike crossdressers else in the world, Japanese crossdressers was born out of cultural animation & manga, this is now a reality.
Japanese crossdressers "OTOKONOKO" also, there are various types. Cosplay, Transvestism, MtF(Male-to-Female), Transgender, Fetishism, Part of the fashion, Masquerade, etc.

This blog is an introduction site of such OTOKONOKO's lovely, wonder & hot private videos and Photos.
As a distributor of them, I would recommend a private videos of their secret to everyone.
By all means, you are interested, please purchase.
Donations we received from everyone, we will use to purchase clothing and cosmetics, the new wig to become more cute them. As a result, it would be the production of the video can be hotter.

Thank you, dear friends.
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